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Knock-knock. Who’s there? Ramadan –the Holy Month celebrated by 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide. For app marketers, Ramadan presents thousands of opportunities to catch the attention of high-value users hungry for gifts, travel, recipes, videos, religious content, and much more.

How ready is your app marketing strategy for Ramadan? Leverage this blog to understand your target audience, get inspired, and create a comprehensive app marketing strategy that can deliver exceptional results and serve you well for the following Ramadan too.

1) Tap Into the Psyche of Your Audience

Consumer behavior starts to change about a month before the holiday. Muslims free more time to spend with their families, go on vacations, go shopping, cook meals, and worship.

People are hungry for recipes – according to Google, the average number of cooking videos on YouTube in the first week of Ramadan increases by 30%. Google also shares that searches for recipes during the first week of Ramadan exceed the annual average by 50%.

Restaurant app marketers can invite their users for Iftar, Suhur and other family meals. Food delivery app marketers can concentrate on enhancing their traditional Ramadan food offers.

They can’t get enough of shopping – Fueled by shopping frenzy; weekly retail sales tend to rise as well. In 2017, they jumped by 29% in ME; Turkey showed a 5% increase, Southeast Asia – 52% and Indonesia crushed it with an 80% spike.

Cravings for vacation – There’s an increase in vacation bookings throughout the month, up until Eid. Research shows that in the Middle East, for instance, travel bookings go up as much as 39% during Ramadan.

Seeking religious content – As consumers prepare for the month of religious observance and fasting, the viewership of religious content rises by 25%.

2) Social Media Turns Into a User Magnet

The changes in consumer behavior during Ramadan go beyond search; they are also evident on social media.

Our partners at Facebook reported a 25% increase in conversations about food during Ramadan, and these conversations tend to begin early. Aside from that, it’s been proven that platform users in the MENA region spend an extra 57M hours on Facebook during Ramadan. Keep in mind though that most of the usage tends to occur at night, peaking at 3 am.

[Image source]

Instagram isn’t left on the outs as well. People tend to center their conversations around Iftar, desserts, recipes, and much more. According to the report:

“While Facebook shows Ramadan as it is; Instagram shows the Ramadan that it could be.”

3) Early Bird Gets the Worm

As people start hunting for offers weeks before Ramadan, it’s essential to build your brand as early as possible, making sure it can be easily recognized by users, which helps drive bottom funnel conversions later.

Brand awareness and burst app campaigns are great for that. That way, you’ll not only secure your app to be top-of-mind for your users but also push it up the App Store rankings. For exceptional results and to give your users time to get to know your app after the initial install, launch these campaigns as early as three weeks before Ramadan.

Also, the earlier you start, the more chances you got to catch lower CPIs. The costs tend to go up towards the middle of the Holy Month as more competitors fight for coveted ad placements.

Here’s a quick illustration to help you understand all three phases of Ramadan advertising:

4) Spread Out Your Targeting

You know who your app’s users are – awesome! Avoid targeting those users all at once, though. Instead, spread out your targeting throughout Ramadan. Google’s data shows that you should target your audiences at different times to make the most out of awareness and burst app campaigns.

[Image source]

When it comes to the consideration stage, users are aware of your app and have shown some interest, but they aren’t locked on your app just yet. To influence consideration, investigate their intent more. For that, dive into user personalities and look beyond raw demographics data, analyzing behaviors, likes, dislikes, and more.

[Image source]

Got your loyal app users? Now it’s time to encourage them to act by assisting them with different offers, promotions, and deals.

[Image source]

Prepare in advance and consider using engaging creatives like videos and carousel ads leading up to the season.

5) Get Creative

Leverage the holiday to create engaging, custom-made, Ramadan-related content. Designing that kind of content shows your app users that your brand welcomes and understands the principles of Ramadan, which include family, community, reflection, self-improvement, and worship. That, in turn, helps establish deep, personal relationships with users; it excites them, leaving them hungry for more.

It’s highly effective to leverage storytelling to resonate with your app’s users. Check out this case study that tells how a leading make-up brand created make-up tutorials specifically for


Our partners at Google reveal that thumb-stopping Ramadan content that resonates with audiences leads to more views and can influence decision-making for the rest of the year.

Incorporating Ramadan-related creative elements and symbols in your existing content can work great too.

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s an example of a Ramadan-related creative offering an “All-You-Can-Eat” Iftar, designed by Pizza Hut in 2018:

[Image source]

If you’re looking for a muse, you can always check out the Lantern Awards’ YouTube channel – the home of winning Ramadan campaigns that move and engage users.

6) Measure Success

Optimize your campaigns and measure performance specifically during Ramadan as it’s associated with high purchase intent and increased motivation to engage with content.

Now is the time to finalize your Ramadan app marketing strategy to ensure you make the most out of this holiday and maximize the growth of your app.

Let’s Grow Your App This Ramadan!

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