Explore 7-10 Days

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Start bidding on several targeting parameters to gather initial data points

Learn 8-11 Days

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Begin optimizing towards down-funnel conversions to improve ROAS and reach KPIs

Optimize  9-12 Days

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Implement various campaign strategies to gain pre- and post- install signals

Scale 25-30 Days Post-Launch

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Once efficiency has been reached, shift focus to scaling the campaign

How We Deliver Success

We act as an extension of your user acquisition team. That is why we will learn everything there is to know about your most valuable target audience to ensure KPIs are reached - typically within the first 30 days of campaign launch.

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Peak’s prediction algorithm identifies the best inventory for the app and begins to determine where and when to show your ads to potential customers.

Your dedicated management team starts to implement a combination of performance targeting campaign strategies to gain audience data points.

  • Broad Targeting

  • App Categories

  • Similar Apps

  • User Targeting

  • Lookalike Audiences

  • Exclusions List

  • Ad Exchange

  • Ad Formats




Peak uses the data points gathered, like top converting ad exchanges, creative type, devices, time of day, app category and more, to create whitelists and blacklists, and optimize towards down-funnel conversions, like retention and registration, to drive higher ROAS and reach your KPIs.




Continuing the exploration phase, the machine learning starts to receive pre-and post-install signals (i.e. impressions, clicks, installs, registration, purchase), which enables the algorithm to find your most relevant audience.




Finally, Peak predicts the highest LTV users, hence being able to scale, while still maintaining your KPIs. To ensure maximum efficiency, your dedicated management team takes a more staggered and steady approach, which typically takes up to a full 30 days before scaling the campaign.

We offer both self-serve and managed services to our clients

We offer both self-serve and managed services to our clients


  • For advertisers with a programmatic media buying team

  • Full access to Peak DSP platform

  • Full control & easy campaign setup for RTB, CPM, CPLV and optimized CPI

​Managed Service

  • Dedicated management team to make optimizations & ensure KPI and ROAS targets are achieved

  • Provide in depth reporting & campaign insights

  • Provide access to the Peak DSP dashboard for full transparency

  • Promotion across multiple media channels through our performance-based DSP and in-app media solution

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