Our Features

Echo’s features set designed to help mobile advertisers, mobile media agencies and mobile affiliate networks find high quality consumers for their campaigns. It streamlines numerous workflows and adds operational efficiency to your affiliate programs, so that you can focus on what you do best: think strategically about your mobile campaigns so you can generate more revenues through stronger partnerships and more advertiser satisfaction.

Advertiser Satisfaction

  • KPIs Tracking Tools

    Use our tracking tools to better deliver quality users that meets your advertisers' KPIs. Set your desired targets to various parameters, such as CVR, CTR, retention, and optimize by them.

  • Multiple Pixels

    Enable tracking of post-conversion events. Use this feature to increase your understanding of the user value and traffic quality sent by your affiliates. View the performance of each pixel in the Reports section and optimize by them.

  • Targeting by Affiliates Sub-ID

    Expose or block offers from specific affiliates based on sub-ID lists. Sub-IDs lists are managed per affiliate and can hold dozens of sub-ids. For each offer, you can then decide if to allow/block presenting the offer only for traffic sources included on chosen list.

Security Module

  • Built-in Fraud Detection Tools

    Indicate and be alerted to problematic traffic sources. The quality of your traffic is in your control. Our reporting module provides you with the risk level of each conversion fired back to our system and gives you an opportunity to make real-time decision as to whether approve or reject conversions.

  • Integration with 3rd Party Verification Tools

    Echo grants you access to the leading security and traffic validation services in the market! No need for integration, contract or minimum fee- the best tools out there are already at your service from day 1. Providers available for every pixel: 24Metrics, Fraudlogix, Protected Media.

  • Affiliates Business Management

    Control your reporting of postbacks to affiliates, based on network risk-level conventions. This feature allows you to share the risk level per conversion with your affiliate in real-time and align expectations regarding quality level and expected revenues.

  • Advertiser Conversions Quality

    Echo provides you the ability to align your business results with your advertisers KPIs (per conversion). Setup rules to actively decide how to count and display the reported conversions based on their quality level. Each conversion can be displayed as approved, pending or rejected.

  • Adjustment Tool

    Adjust payments to your affiliates, based on advertisers’ feedbacks and system quality reports, up to 90 days back. Payments adjustments will be also applied to actual reporting and system data.

  • Security Rules

    Gain full control of the network performance in real-time. Apply network quality standards and best practices per specific partner or across the board. Rules will affect data sharing levels per partner.

Added Value to Affiliates

  • Bulk API

    Powerful two-way API functionality that increase your scale, while saving you time and money. Seamlessly integrates with all your affiliates and keep them updated with all relevant offers details every 15 minutes. Save costs with unlimited API calls.

  • Automatic Messages

    The Automatic Messages tool allows you to configure automatic email messages you want to send to recipients. The ECHO platform provides templates that you can use as automatic messages for Login and Signup, creation of entities and changes applied to them such as: budget, offer approval request, reports, billing, and more.

  • Affiliate Dashboard

    Echo provides affiliates with individual dashboards, with dedicated dynamic reports module. Affiliates can use the dashboard to review available offers, apply for the ones they want to run on their websites, track their performance via customizable reports, and more.

Network Capabilities

  • White Label Functionality

    The White Label tool enables you to customize your Echo seat by adding your network CName, display name, your logo, and a favicon. It also allows you to add footer links of your choice that will direct your partners to your selected locations.

  • Affiliates Management

    Leads management capabilities: Create and qualify leads interested in joining your affiliate program and, if suitable, convert them into Affiliates. Leads can be added manually based on sales activities or automatically via online registrations forms.

  • Scheduled Changes

    Maintain complete alignment with your advertisers 24/7. Scheduled changes feature allows to capture and communicate future changes in offers status, rates and capping. The changes will be applied throughout your network operation on the selected time. Utilize each offer to its maximum potential, regardless of time zones and business days.


  • Demand Collector

    Stay up to speed with your advertiser demand opportunities and needs. Effortless exposure to all available offers from a full range of providers and live updates to offers details. Easy scaling of your demand range via instant offers setup on your dashboard. Our demand collector will also support your migration process, by instant transition of all offers from your current platform into Echo.

  • Offer Validity

    Avoid broken links and maximize your traffic monetization using our offer validation capabilities. The tool validates that the offer reaches desired advertiser landing page over time, allowing you to proactively take action (email, or pause offer) when target is different than expected.

  • Offer Tracking Analysis

    Echo analyses the offer’s path and indicates which tracking systems are in use prior to reaching the actual advertiser landing page. Find your offers origin and distance from direct advertiser.


  • Dynamic Reports

    Echo’s robust reporting module allows you to report on highly granular data. Customize reports based on more than 50 fields allow you to identify the best combination of event KPI, affiliate, date, day part, device type, OS, and more for better targeting and optimization.

  • Friendly UI

    Our interface is user-friendly and is a pleasure to work with. It’s intuitive and clear to allow you efficient workflows and streamlined work.

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