Advertiser KPI Management

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Multiple Pixel

Measure multiple pixel events and sub-events for ad campaigns according to your advertisers’ goals

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Attribution Window

Set an attribution window on each pixel event for each campaign

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Multiple Currency

Manage your advertisers’ budget in the currency of his choice

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Over Cap

Decide how to proceed when an offer has reached its cap

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Conversion Rate

Set thresholds for conversion rates

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Approved IPs

Work on your advertisers’ approved IP white-list

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Echo Control

Security Rules

Pre-Bid Solution

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Reduce your fraud risk significantly & increase your delivery quality

  • Each conversion reported to Echo is evaluated by integrated leading security providers Fraudlogix, Protected Media and 24metrics

  • Those will assign each conversion a high, medium or low risk rating, in real time

  • Set-up rules as to how to treat the conversion (approved/pending/rejected) based on the security rating recieved

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Decrease conversion fraud, in advance

  • Partnered with Fraudlogix

  • Decide in real time whether to serve a campaign or not

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API Solutions

Demand Collector

Stay up to speed with your advertisers’ demand opportunities and needs

  • More than 30 platforms and hundreds of connections to pull demand from automatically via API

  • Stay aligned with every update with our live API every 15 minutes

  • Instant offer setup on your dashboard with creation rules

  • No limitations!

    Integrated with:

  • Affle, AppLift, AppThis, Aragon, Cake, ClicksMob, Glispa, HasOffers, Headway Digital, Instal, MUNDOmedia, MaxBounty, Minimob, Mobvista, Motive Interactive, Taptica, Yeahmobi, YouAppi, Adperio, Affise, Avazu, Cygobel, Inmobi, MobAir, Mobio, Mobusi, Revmob, SVG, StartApp, Track Revenue, Tyro, WebEye, Yeahmobi, Yep Media, Youappi & more

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Affiliate's Bulk API

Live updates that save both time and money

  • Update your affiliates on all relevant offers details every 15 minutes

  • One call for multiple actions

  • Save costs with unlimited API calls

  • Easy integration

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Programmatic API 

​Plug-in to SSPs

  • Upload & launch campaigns from your platform to the SSP in a single API call

  • The API call updates every 15 minutes so any revision or change to your campaigns will be implemented automatically on the external platform as well

  • Save money on wasted clicks

  • Manage all your activity from one single dashboard

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Reporting & Analytics

All the data you need, all filter options (bulk filters as well), reports by time zone & adjustment tools to manage billing with both advertisers and affiliates

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Offer Management

  • Sub-ID targeting and optimizations

  • Advance targeting: GEO, carrier, IP & more

  • Smart Link: grouping multiple offers into a single link

  • Impression Pixel: tracking impressions, clicks and conversions. 

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Echo & MORE!

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Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliates can manage their accounts both manually and automatically

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White Label Functionality

Manage your advertisers’ budget in the currency of his choice

Adjustment Tool Icon

Adjustment Tool

Adjust payments up to 90 days back. Payment adjustments will also be applied to actual reporting and data

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Scheduled Changes

Capture and communicate future changes in offers status, rates and capping. The changes will be applied throughout your network operation on the selected time

Payment Integration Icon

Payment Integration with

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Automatic Messages

Configure automatic email messages you want to send to recipients, whether its for Login & Signup, or creation of entities and changes applied to them such as: budget, offer approval request, reports, billing and more

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Friendly UI

 Intuitive and clear to allow you efficient workflows and streamlined work

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Dedicated Support

Professional and fun to work with!

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