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Leading Ride Hailing App - Beat, Achieves Passenger and Driver User Acquisition Success with Programmatic Advertising

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Launched in 2011, Beat is a mobile app that transforms the way people move in their cities. They aspire to make urban landscapes a better place to live, re-imagining mobility solutions that are more efficient and user-friendly. Currently, Beat is the fastest growing app in Latin America.

Beat was looking for a trusted programmatic user acquisition platform to reach new passengers and drivers in key markets and cities that include Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Peru, while achieving key performance metrics - passenger and driver first riders



Understanding the major benefits of programmatic advertising, Beat leveraged Peak DSP – Edge226’s leading programmatic UA platform to increase their user base. By combining Peak’s technology, creative  performance, and expert management team, Beat was able to reach their  targets within each respective city.

1. Discover highly engaged users

Utilizing Peak DSP’s machine learning, the platform analyzed more than 70 different data signals like top converting ad exchanges, creative type (i.e. banner vs. native vs. video), native creative messaging, city targeted, time of day, and app category, to find the most relevant audience to target.

2. Optimize towards down-funnel conversions


Next, the team initiated A/B testing to find the most optimal lookalike audience in each market location. Using the pre- and post-install data that was gathered, Edge226 was able to focus on improving performance metrics by reaching Beat’s target KPIs which include ‘install-to-first-ride’ ratio and cost-per-first-ride. Through Peak’s advanced prediction algorithm, Edge226 was able to deliver high-quality users.

3. Combat ad fraud


With Edge226’s proactive approach against any potential ad fraud, the team was able to efficiently eliminate over a short time-period by providing complete transparency and through blacklisting of non-compliant traffic.

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  • ‘First Riders’ volume more than doubled quarter-over-quarter


  • 5x lift in the total user base of driver first-ride completions 


  • After a month of penetrating the new market in Buenas Aires with user acquisition, the install volume increased by more than 70% 



Edge226’s programmatic platform enabled us to expand our presence efficiently and substantially in the key cities we operate in. We trust their team and see them as an extension of our marketing efforts. They were more than proactive in our fight against ad fraud and are happy with the results our campaigns achieved. We look forward to the next stage of our partnership. 

Vitaly Kudryavcev, Senior Digital Media Specialist at 

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