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The next generation of affiliate network management, powered by analytics and the latest feature-focused innovations.

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KPI Tracking

Multi-pixel conversion tracking offers depth and dimension to your real-time user engagement data.

Fraud Resistant

Detect and protect your business from fraudulent behavior with our multi-layered security solution.

Demand Collector

Save time and hassle in integration with providers: effortless exposure to all available offers.

Echo Features

Manage your network with a robust set of innovative features.

  • KPI Tracking Tools
  • Built-In Fraud Detection Tools

  • Integration with 3rd Party Verification Tools
  • Multiple Pixels

  • Offer Validation
  • Real-Time Data Reports

  • Bulk API
  • Intuitive Dashboard

KPI Tracking Tools

Use our tracking tools to better deliver quality users that meets your advertisers' KPIs. Set and optimize your desired targets to various parameters, such as CVR, CTR, and retention.

Built-In Fraud Detection Tools

Be alerted of problematic traffic sources.
Our internal tools are indicating risk level per conversion with detected anomaly parameters.
The quality of your traffic is in your control.

Integration with 3rd Party Verification Tools

Echo grants you access to the leading security and traffic validation services in the market.
No need for integration, contracts, or minimum fees - the best tools out there are already at your service from day one.
Select the right tool/s for each offer, pay per use!

Multiple Pixels

Enable tracking of post-conversion events. Use advanced tools to help you monitor and optimize ads for greater results.

Offer Validation

Avoid broken links with our offer validation feature, to maximize your traffic monetization.
Validates that the offer reaches desired advertiser landing page over time, and allows you to take action (email, or pause offer) if offer reaches different target page.

Real-Time Data Reports

Partner with real-time data, and learn what works better for you and your network.

Bulk API

Powerful two-way API functionality that saves you time and money. Seamlessly integrates with all affiliates' and advertisers' dashboards allowing you fully automated workflows.
Unlimited API calls, live updates every 15 min.

Intuitive Dashboard

Our dashboard is user friendly and is a pleasure to work with. It's simple to find the ideal campaign and easily control your ad placements.

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Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that works best for your network and its needs.


Great pricing
 per 1k clicks
  • Minimum monthly fee: $99
  • Tracking Platform


Great pricing
 per 1k clicks
  • Minimum monthly fee: $999
  • Tracking Platform
  • Security Module
  • Demand Collector: 3 providers included


Great pricing
 per 1k clicks
  • Minimum monthly fee: $2,499
  • Tracking Platform
  • Security Module
  • Demand Collector: 3 providers included
  • Partner Manager

Who We Are

At edge226, we are building innovating advertising management platforms to assist our customers to get smarter decisions, reach their business goals faster and better in real time. Our intention is to simplify the complexity existing in the ad-tech industry and provide our customers with the ability to earn more revenues while using our products and services. We are proud to have the most cutting edge products and lead the performance and video online advertising market while striving to build long-term relationships with our clients and partners.

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